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In the current frantic and treacherous world order where life and property is unsafe and above all our faith is also unsafe. The simple people are made fool of the black magic(kala jadu, kala jadoo), and amulets and then the people are burgled for nullifying the effects of such charms and amulets. In order to get rid of these fake forecasters, future predictors and clairvoyants, one needs to make Quran the code of one’s life because Islam provides a best code of life. Islam has a cumulative perspective related to every field of life. Whether a person is joyous or sad, Islam provides logical guidance to him related to his personal or social life, political or religious matters, economic or financial dealings, and every other field of life. Islam also helps the humans in the field of health by offering a spiritual method for cure of diseases. Quran identifies these aspects as well.

As Satan is the fundamental enemy of the human and stays out of sight however it continues to plan for the disaster of humanity. In order to protect the humanity from the continuous attacks of this invisible enemy, ALLAH has told such reading-excerpts in Quran and Ahadith which would help the human from the attacks of this invisible enemy. Rohani ilaj, rohani wazifa, rohani taweez means a ilaj done by Quran.

It cannot be refuted that the humanity has benefitted at best from reading such excerpts for fourteen hundred years and they are benefitting in the present as well as they would continue to do so in the future, Insha ALLAH. However, in such unpolluted and clean purpose some people have arrived who have filthy and impure intentions and are spoiling this thing, rohani wazifa, rohani amliyat and other rohani ilaj is provided by us.

As it is the rule of thumb that the thing getting popular is adopted by various new coming traders in the market. In this regard, there also appear fake traders as well who have their own impure products however they sell them by depicting them as pure and perfect.

As the agents of Satan have started a business of amulets and charms therefore, (kala jadu, kala jadoo, kala jadoo taweezats) they are deceiving innocent Muslims. They are fulfilling their own ravenous desires. In the field of spiritual curing of diseases, similar fake persons have entered who have defamed the field through their negative activities. As a result the general public started evading from curing the diseases through spiritual methods. In this regard, there is a need of informing the general public of the importance of spiritual methods in Islamic-Shariah.

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In the current system, unemployment, amulets and charms, ghosts, hindrance in marriages, quarrels after marriages, disobedience of parents by the children, complications after pregnancy, financial pressures, economic instability, and especially suicide bombings have become distinct problems in our society. In order to get rid of these problems and to remain safe from these problems, the Quran and the Hadith offer various approaches for people to follow. The Muslim-Scholars have also given various recommendations in this regard. For the safety of hotels, factories, shops, and homes, a special cure has been prepared. It includes Surah Ikhlas as well along with the Naad-i-Ali and other beneficial substances.

Note: The patients of Cancer, heart-diseases, Tuberculosis and other life threatening diseases whom the doctors have suspended further cure, should not lose hope and should contact us

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For Rohani islami ilaj, rohani wazifa , Buy one Quran from the market and place it as a gift in an Islamic educational institute (Madrasah). Recite Surah Fatiha 70 times after Asar Prayer and first 7 verses of Surah Bani-Israel 17 times with Surah Naas 70 times accompanied with Darood Sharif 11 times before and after reciting all the Surahs.